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奇香,传统饼艺 - 大马风味

奇香是由许美声老先生创始于八十年代初期。开始初期许老先生在“前铺后居”的方式下由家里开始 经营自己的小饼铺。当时主要制作的糕饼有豆沙饼,加央角和俗称“嫁女饼”的结婚礼饼。奇香在创业 的初期是做吉隆坡沙叻秀新村一带的生意。由于许老先生以货真价实,用心制造的原则经营, 奇香嫁女饼无论在当时和现在都得到很好的回响和反应。

进入九十年代,许老先生开始制作在南洋一带很受华人欢迎的满洲甜品-萨骑马。 在家人的支持和鼓励下,许老先生在不断的钻研萨骑马的烘培技艺,改良产品的情况下 终于制作出口感独特,并且深受市场欢迎的“奇香萨骑马”。而奇香萨骑马也几乎成了旅客们来 马来西亚必须选购的土产品。

经过20多年的努力和经验,奇香目前已经迈入了第二代的管理。制作的糕饼也逐渐趋向多元化, 除了有萨骑马,结婚礼饼以外,也在佳节期间制作如鸡蛋饼,花生酥和中秋月饼之类的佳节食品。

奇香于2006年迁入了自置的两层楼工厂,并在传统的制饼技术基础上引入現代化最新科技及包裝技術。 让顾客们能够享用到更卫生和美味的奇香糕饼。

奇香承诺,为了继续发扬家族饼业和马来西亚独特的华人食品文化,奇香会一如既往,一丝不苟, 不懈努力的再创高峰。

About Us

Traditional & Malaysian Style of Baking

Kee Heong, traditional and Malaysian style of Baking. Mr Khor Bee Seng, the founder of Kee Heong Food Industries Sdn Bhd, entered into his own small confectionery in the beginning of 80's. Initially, Mr Khor operates his small confectionery at home which located at Salak South New Village, Kuala Lumpur. At that time, the confectionery mainly produces green bean paste cake, Kaya Puff and the wedding ceremony biscuit which generally known as "The Biscuit of Marries off a daughter". Initially it caters for the neighborhood business which later has embark in the surrounding area of Salak South New Village. As a result of Mr Khor's Principle of Management, i.e. to produce the genuine goods at a reasonable price, hard work and manage the confectionery attentively, Kee Heong Wedding Biscuit, since old days, has obtains a very good response and market demand.

Entering into 90's, Mr Khor starts producing the Manchu pastry — "Sha Qi Ma" or better known as Honeycomb Cookies. Sha Qi Ma is very popular in Chinese society of the South-East Asia. With the full encouragement and support from the family members, endless of diligently research and examine the mixture ingredients, new recipe, baking technique and finally, Mr Khor has successfully produces a special texture, moist, unique, appetizing, delicious and saleable Sha Qi Ma. And now, Kee Heong’s Honeycomb Cookies has becoming one of native product and the tourist will not resist buying as a gift or souvenir friends and relatives when they visit Malaysia.

With more than 20 years of diligently experience, Kee Heong, is now being manage by the second generation. The production of cookies and pastries are gradually tended to be more diversify, besides the Kee Heong Honeycomb Cookies, Wedding Biscuit, Kee Heong also produces the pastries or cookies for festive celebration, such as Love letter (Kuih Kapit), Peanut Biscuit' and moon cake during Mid Autumn festive celebration.

In September 2006, Kee Heong has moved into a double story building factory which sets with the traditional baking skills with modern technology and the newest packaging technique and this will enable the customers to enjoy the delicacy and hygienic Kee Heong's cookies and pastries.

Kee Heong pledge that in order to continue the growth of family confectionery business and these Malaysian Chinese's unique food culture, as always, Kee Heong will carry on in research and produce more products and achieving another peak of success.